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The idea of this page is to try to save you money by not calling us out - if you can sort a problem out yourself, you will save money! If you have any ideas for other topics that you feel may benefit others, then please let us know and we will add it to our site.

Top of the list

No 1:
My  Sky digibox  /  Freeview digibox has stopped working  / crashed / locked up and won't do anything. What can I do?

Like most computers, digital set top boxes and Sky digiboxes have parts like processors and memory chips etc., and can crash just like a computer does through static build up or poor signal reception - these can cause the box to crash.The first thing to do is unplug the digital equipment from the mains for approx 1 minute and remove its viewing card (if applicable).After leaving unplugged from the mains, plug the unit back in and leave for another minute or so, insert the viewing card (if applicable) then press the sky key or ON button on your freeview box.It will then reload its software and re-boot itself up, and should be OK - this should solve the problem.If the system continues to crash etc. or the picture still goes funny, there may be a more severe problem which may require a visit from us to rectify the problem for you - try the above first though as it generally sorts most things out.

No 2:
Sky digibox slow in operation and response, and is slower than my mates down the road - why is his faster than mine, and what's wrong with mine?

The first thing to mention is that the older the digibox is, the slower it will be, this is because the older generations of digibox have a slower processor in them, as technology has progressed over the years since sky digital came out  the better they have become.This is not to say that you cannot make your box perform quicker. You may find that your box was once quite fast, and is now slower - this could be to corrupted software. Sky digiboxes pick up their new software O.T.A  (over the air) via the satellite dish and if something has upset the signal whilst it was receiving the download, this could have corrupted the download which in turn will upset the digibox. The answer is to "force download" the digibox to get new software into the box. Note: this can also sort out a lot of other problems within the digibox as well!
First unplug the digibox from the mains, and remove the viewing card. Then push in and hold the back up button on the front of the digibox - NOT on the remote!Do not release the button and whilst holding it in, plug the digibox back in to the mains. After a few seconds you will either get a message on your screen saying "updating system software, this may take up to 10 mins" and / or all of the lights on the front of the digibox will light.In either case, when this happens you can release the button. Let it go through the update cycle, and when it has finished the digibox will reset itself, and put itself into standby.Turn the unit on and it will say "searching for listings".  Take the remote control, press services, then select no 4 (system setup).When in this menu press  "zero - one - select". This should put you in the installer setup menu - if it hasn't you must press backup and try again!When in installer setup, go to new installation, press select, select-- until it says channel line up complete. Then press the Sky button and after 30 sec to a minute the box should work normally again.If you require help then call us for advice. Hope this helps you!

No 3:
Sky digibox says no satellite signal being received.

The first thing to look for is has the dish moved in the wind etc? If so this is the problem. If summer is here and the leaves are on the trees, is your dish possibly pointing into those trees? If so then the dish has been poorly installed by your installer and will possibly need to be re-sited. If your installation was done less than a year ago, it will be covered by their warranty, I would give them a telling off as well, but that's me!In more severe cases, either the LNB (low noise block) has a problem or the digibox LNB power supply is faulty. The digibox can be repaired for this fault but the faulty LNB cannot and must be replaced - call us if you require help. It can be sorted quite quickly and is not a major job, but parts can be expensive - especially if it is the digibox.

No 4:
Picture has gone funny colours or the sound keeps going.

Normally down to loose connections on the scart leads or the sockets are worn, but check that the scarts are all firmly in place first before calling out an engineer. Have you moved the TV unit recently or moved something nearby? This is a common cause of them coming loose.Very simple to sort out yourself, but don't hesitate to call us if you would like help.

No 5:
TV link in bedroom is not working. Why?

The Sky TV link is supplied by 9 volts from the back of the digibox on the second RF outlet - is it connected to the right outlet? Worth checking!If it is connected OK and was working alright before, then 1 of 2 things may have happened - either the TV link has gone faulty or the power supply from the digibox has gone off.First check if the power for the link is turned on. To do this press services, then no 4, then zero-one-select , this is then in the installer setup menu. One of the sub menus is RF outlets -  go to it and the entry reading "second RF outlet supply" should be on, if it says off, turn it on then save new settings. Press the Sky button. If the light on the back of the TV link in the other room is on then the link is now active and should work OK.

No 6:
Remote control won't operate volume or other TV functions.

Question? Has it always been like that or did it work before but does not now? If it worked before then the handset has lost its code - perhaps because you did not replace the batteries within 10 mins of the old ones running out. This is a common problem. See below on how to program your remote controller.


Programming the Sky Remote Control Handset

To operate the TV 

The remote control can also operate the basic TV functions (Channel changing / volume control / Text etc) on around 90% of TV manufacturers.

The 4 digit code (Shown in your Sky handbook) is used to identify the make and manufacturer of your TV. The individual 3 digit codes are used for each manufacturer.


To program using the 3 digit code.

1) Switch on the TV set

2) Press the TV button on the Sky Remote

3) Hold down the select and red buttons for 2-3 seconds until the LED blinks twice

4) Enter the 3 digit code

5) Press the select button to store

Press TV and any number to test, If this does not operate the TV set try below.


To program using the 4 digit code

1) Switch on the TV set

2) Press the TV button on the Sky Remote

3) Hold down the select and red buttons for 2-3 seconds until the LED blinks twice

4) Press the TV button on the Sky Remote again

5) Enter the 4 digit code for your make of TV

6) The LED should blink twice, if not recheck the 4 digit code used and go back to 1

7) Press the standby button on the Sky Remote (The TV should go to standby)

8) Press select to store this setting

If the TV does not go into standby press the TV button then the standby button, then TV then standby, keep repeating this until successful. This will scan the codes used for a particular make of TV.


Programming the Remote to view Sky on an RF channel

Most installations comprise of a Scart connection from the Sky receiver to the TV. This is normally activated by pressing the Sky button for viewing Sky. For installations where the use of a Scart lead is not possible the Sky button on the remote can be set to instruct the TV to go to channel 6 (Or any channel that Sky is normally viewed on) and switch on the Sky receiver.

1) Press the TV button on the Sky Remote

2) Hold down the select and Green buttons for 2-3 seconds until the LED blinks twice

3) Enter the program number for the TV channel which Sky is normally viewed on

4) Press the select button to store, the LED should blink twice.

Now you only need press the Sky button to view Sky on your chosen TV channel.


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